Thursday, December 22, 2005

I stayed up late last night to watch "Coffee and Cigarettes" on Sundance Channel. I love Jim Jarmusch's work and I love Sundance Channel. The segment "Jack shows Meg his Tesla coil" was hilarious as was the bit with GZA and RZA. Jarmusch is always late-night fun.

Today I am cleaning house before T comes in tonight with the Back Seat Bangers. Much to do in the house today. Yikes. Scary.

One of my friends IM'd me last night to say I was on the local Fox news (again), because they were doing a story about the Daily Grind and how they just got their outdoor seating permit reinstated. I so didn't want to be on TV, though I understand it was only for a few microseconds.

No one seems to want to contact me regarding my applications or inquiries about jobs. I am getting a bit anxious. It's getting late in the year, and I'm feeling like I'm overstaying my welcome a little here in Baltimore. They're interviewing replacements for me, and the distance between Maryland and Indiana is feeling bigger and more tiresome.

Okay, laundry and cleaning to be done. Later.

So, I spent a lot of time yesterday ripping off the logo. Basically, I found out it was in Trajan font and am too cheap to purchase said font, so I found a free Trajan knock-off in Metafont for use with Ines Cudna. So, Trajan comes from the Romans, specifically the lettering on the column of the emperor Trajan in Rome, which I've seen, but I digress... So, those Romans, they didn't have a U, so those who made the Trajan font had to make one up. The Metafont knockoff of Trajan had a U with a right vertical bar on it. So I had to hack the Metafont code for the U to make the logo look like the logo should. So anyway, that's MY U. I'm proud. It was fun figuring out Metafont. I'd been looking for an excuse to do so. (Of course, the C in my logo doesn't look quite right, but maybe that'll be my next project.) I did have to kern all the letters properly, but I think it's a pretty damn good job if I do say so myself.

In other news, I just finished some laundry, and my big toenails are soon going to fall off. Gross.

I am being slow today, but I need to get back to my to-do list. Phew.